Ian McKill began working in the industry in 1993 having completed the motorcycle program at BCIT. In 1994 his racing career began as well. In a very short time, Ian realized the importance of proper bike set up, and sought out training from the industry leaders at that time. Racing was the grounds for testing, and the competition quickly became the customer base. Before long, Ian was riding at the pro level, and tuning the bikes of his friends and competitors.

Humble beginnings…

In the early days, Ian would pull wrenches performing repairs at local Okanagan shops during the day, only to work the night shift at home on race bikes for his growing clientele of racers. The workshop was a 10x14 wooden shed. The amount of race winning bikes that came out of that shed would make a high budget factory team proud. By 2003, the wooden shed became a two car garage. The client list continued to grow and reach far beyond the local group of “fast guys”.
Riders Edge SUspension
Ian was now tuning hundreds of bikes annually and continuing to improve his skills. It was then that Ian gave up his daytime job to pursue his passion of tuning MX bikes, which gave him the time required to design, test, and manufacture high performance suspension parts. Dreams became reality, and Riders Edge Suspension began producing innovative suspension products for KTM motorcycles primarily, then eventually all major Japanese brands, as well as Husqvarna and Gas Gas.

2010 brought about another new look, Riders Edge moved into a commercial location. With the latest move, Ian was able to offer his customers expanded services, such as engine building and a fully stocked parts dept. Word spread….people came….and kept coming. In 2011, our parts department added personnel with the addition of Ashley Paquette, adding a level of expertise and personality second to none. She started in the industry in Alberta in 2005, which eventually brought her to BC in 2008 where she continued to pursue her passion of powersports. She currently rides a Riders Edge tuned and lowered KTM 250XCF.

Darryl Thomas is who Ian apprenticed under back in the day. Darryl Thomas brings many years of industry experience to our service department having been a licenced technician since the late 80's. Also an enthusiast, Darryl's current machines are a YZ250 and an RMK600

Holly Martin joined our parts department in 2013 and is also lives the powersport lifestyle. Holly currently rides a KTM250SXF, RMK800 Pro, and a 750 Ninja.

Chris Sorokovsky is one of those racers that hung around long enough that we put him to work! His enthusiasm for extremely difficult offroad riding is unmatched. If you feel up to being punished, Chris would be happy to test your skills.
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